Credit Information Centre (CIC)

CIC was established to provide CCCA members, a neutral, up-to-date information exchange service and database, in order to assist members in evaluating the credit worthiness of the companies or individuals with whom they plan to do business.

CIC handles complaints and enquires only from members who have registered as CIC Users. The service of CIC is free to CCCA members.  When CCCA members register as CIC Users, they will be given a User Code and can start enjoying the benefits of the credit information services.

The core of the CIC service is the Default List.  It is a list of companies or individuals who have allegedly defaulted in their payment for goods or services that CCCA members rendered to them.  This list is available to all CIC Users.   CIC Users may also make inquires at any time by telephone, facsimile, email or mail. 

The Default List contains complaints given by the complainants; and counter complaints, if submitted, by the alleged defaulting trader.  CIC expresses no comments as to the credit worthiness of the subject of enquiry; and CIC will not conduct independent investigations into the complaints they receive.

Whether a subject is or is not on the Default List, does not guarantee or negate credit worthiness of the subject.  Credit worthiness investigation and judgment lies entirely with the enquiring member.

CIC Operation Manual was written by our legal counsel, Jimmy K. Sun, Barristers and Solicitors.  This manual was produced specifically for CCCA to ensure that CIC is operated within the legal limits. 

The sharing of this CIC information service enables CCCA members to gain access to a database which is not otherwise available.

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